RTL4 ontvangt portretschilder en kunstenares Marjolein Kruijt in Dier enzo! met Mike Starink

Mike Starink and artist Marjolein Kruijt
in dutch tv show Dier enzo!

Petportraits on RTL 4 (tv)

In the beginning of a beautiful september 2003 tv host Mike recieves Marjolein in his animal show. In sunny garden, she creates 'live' a pastelportrait of the showhost dog Tom. During the show he visits her several times to view the artwork progress. Along with an inspirational interview about her arts and techniques. The final broadcast was on the 27th and 28th of september (2003). During that broadcast over 400 people responded through email and telephone. 
Since then, her artwork is commissioned (inter)nationally and has become well known in the portrait-scene in the Netherlands.


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